Airships: Past & Future

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Hindenburg Crash: The End of Airship Travel (LiveScience)
The Hindenburg Disaster: 9 Surprising Facts Facts (History)
Airship Voyages Made Easy (Airships)
The Return of the Airship (The Week)
Luxury Travel by Airship Returns (Composites World)
Can Airships Take Scenic Flight Back to the Future? (Phys Org)
Hydrogen v. Helium in Airship Operations (Airships)


Following the much-publicized fiery disaster of the crash of the Hindenburg, the airship industry fell out of favor. Read here about the crash as well as little known facts surrounding the disaster. Explore the pitches made in the brochure marketing the Hindenburg and others like it, compare the wording as well as the messages to what would appeal to audiences today. Relevant to our world is the fact that some are considering a revival of the airships for uses varying from cargo transport to luxury scenic cruises in the air. Those seeking to reduce greenhouse emissions believe it might play an important role in reducing the high level of  carbon associated with the transportation industry. Can the airships make a return? You decide and pitch it!


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Hindenburg Crash: The End of Airship Travel

On May 6, 1937, the German zeppelin Hindenburg exploded, filling the sky above Lakehurst, New Jersey, with smoke and fire. The massive airship’s tail fell to the ground while its nose, hundreds of feet long, rose into the air like a breaching whale. It turned to ashes in less than a minute. Some passengers and crew members jumped dozens of feet to safety while others died in the disaster. There were w total of 92 people aboard, 62 survived.


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The Hindenburg Disaster: 9 Surprising Facts Facts

Explore nine surprising facts about the massive German airship and its fiery demise.


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Airship Voyages Made Easy

This brochure was published by the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei to familiarize airship passengers with what they could expect during their voyage on the Hindenburg or Graf Zeppelin.

Consider drafting a marketing brochure for future airship travel based on the developments below.


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The Return of the Airship

Transportation is now the biggest single source of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Some suggest that airships could play a role in a zero-carbon transportation infrastructure. Lockheed Martin is reportedly developing a line of hybrid airships for potential sale and use as cargo transportation.


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Luxury Travel by Airship Returns

Airlander 10 hybrid aircraft by Hybrid Air Vehicles is a helium-filled airship being rebuilt for luxury tourist travel.


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Can Airships Take Scenic Flight Back to the Future?

Massey University School of Aviation assistance lecturer has always been fascinated by airships, so he embarked on a master’s thesis to find out if they could be brought back into the mainstream. Find out what his research reveals…


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Hydrogen v. Helium in Airship Operations

The two primary gases used by airships have been hydrogen and helium. One is expensive and safer, the other can be obtained inexpensively but its flammability is considered unacceptable for manned airship operations.


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