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1. Animals, Pets & Wildlife

Animals Big & Small

Domestic Pets
Exotic Pets
Livestock (incl antibiotic use)
Marine Life
Robotic & Futuristic Pets
Service Animals

Animal Sociology

Ecosystems & Habitation
Human / Animal Relationships
Training & Behavior

Animals Wellness

Animal Abuse
Cloning & Genetics
Health & Nutrition
Service Animal Treatment

Wildlife Insights & Conservation

Endangered Species
Extinct Species
Rainforest Wildlife
Undiscovered Species
Wildlife in Our Midst
Wildlife Trading & Trafficking

2. Arts & Entertainment

Impact of Technology

Art Criticism
Democratization of Culture
Impact on Artistic Careers
Live Performance (incl erosion, digital choreography)
Mobile-based Access
Technology-based Art & Music

Authorship & Conservation

Getting Published
Revenue Streams
Social Issues through Arts / Literature
Learning through Math
Learning through Art

Mirror of Society

Copyright & Royalty Issues
Funding & Diversity
Music as Form of Communication
Problem of Fakes
Role of Art & Society
Market Value
Philosophical Reflections

3. Climate & Weather

Climate Literacy

Climate Basics
Climate Change
Public Policy

Natural Disasters

Fire / Wildfires
Tropical Storms
Tornadoes & Severe Storms

Oceans Effects

Weather Far & Wide

Asteroids, Comets & Meteors
Satellites & Technology
Space Weather
Weather Basics

4. Conflict & Defense

Defense & Foreign Policy

Responding to Conflict
Strategies & Communication

Terrorism, Wars & Conflict

In the World Today
Through History

5. Economy & Markets

Architectural Advancements

Green Construction
Worlds of Glass & Steel
Historical Advancements

Consumers & Industry

Expansion of Industry
World of Consumerism

Manufacturing Trends

Blockchain Comes to Manufacturing
Cobots on the Factor Floor
Manufacturers Embrace IoT
Virtual / Augmented Reality in Field Science

Money Management

Managing Debt
Income / Revenue

Redefining Financial Services

Alternative Forms of Currency
Changing Consumer Dynamics
Customer Acquisition & Retention
Regulatory Environment
Virtual Support & Assistance

6. Energy, Environmental & Natural Resources

Achieving Sustainability

Management of Basin Catchments
Renewable Resources

Connected World (Telecommunications)

Fixed Broadband
Mobile Data
Policy & Regulation

Environmental Dangers & Protections

Cleaning / Restoring
Habitat Loss
Environmental Degradation
Hotspots: Natural & Manmade
Air & Water Pollution

Evolution in a Toxic World

Fresh Water Supply
Healthy Living in a Toxic World

Farming Alternatives

Agroecology at Work
Alternative Farming Methods
Organic Farming
Home-based Farming

Innovation of Resources

Net Zero Consumption
Smart Infrastructure
Solar Energy Alternatives
Water Technology & Reuse

Looking at Natural Resources

Alternative Energy
Integrating Renewable Resources
Policy & Regulation
Sourcing Energy & Water
Trading Energy

Protecting Our Resources

Conservation / Resource Management
Non-renewable Resources
Threats to Natural Resources

7. Government & Politics

Political Structure Shifts

Campaign Finance
Distinguishable Forms of Government
Political Culture
Political Parties & Elections
Political Pressure Groups

Impact of Government Policies

Economic Growth
Foreign Policy
Social Policy

Policing & Enforcement

Community Policing
Deterrence / Prevention
Rehabilitation / Punishment
Victim Rights

8. Health Fitness & Nutrition

Emotional & Physical Well-being

Addiction / Substance-Abuse
Apathy / Absenteeism / Attitude
Eating Disorders
Sexual Health
Sexual Orientation

Fitness for Life

Beneficial Effects of Fitness
Components of Fitness

Nutrition for Growth & Longevity

Antioxidants & Supplements
Additives, GMOs & Preservatives
Curing Illness through Better Eating
Health through Nutrition

9. Health & Health Services

Decoding the Human Body

Biological Body
Energetic Drivers
Nuances of the Mind

Epidemic, Endemic & Pandemic Disease

Impact on Society
Economic Consequences
Long-lasting Effects

Health Breakthroughs

Alternate Forms of Communication
Holistic Approaches
Medical & Pharma Advances
Math & Technology

10. Journalism

Journalistic Challenges

Bias, Balance, and an Objective Press
Blurring of Fact & Opinion
Impact of Technology on Media
Importance of Media Literacy
Press Freedom & Reporters’ Rights
Discerning Truth & Credibility

Abiding by Laws & Contracts

Consumer Rights
Contract Formation & Enforcement

Borders & Boundaries

Indigenous & Cultural Property
Naturalization / Citizenship
Property & Land Rights
Travel Requirements

Constitutional Challenges

Rights & Protections

Criminal Law

Criminal Justice Information Services
Lab Services & Operational Technology
Crisis Response
Reporting Threats
Victim Assistance

Family Law

Adoption & Custody
Domestic Violence & Abuse
Education, Family & Children’s Rights
Marriage, Divorce & Estates

Human Rights Law

Hate Crimes
Religion and the Law

Reach of Government Powers

Banking & Finance
Election & Campaign Finance
Legal History, Traditions & Systems
Protection of Species & Environment
Revenue, Taxation & Corporations

Security & Defense-related Law

Armed Forces
Treaties & International Agreements
National Security (Incl. War Crimes, Terrorism

Technology-driven Law

Healthcare, Safety, and Bioethics
Intellectual Property
Internet Safety & Security
Privacy Rights & Data Protection
Regulating Brave New World (Incl. Autonomous Cars, Drones, Genetics)

11. Personal Money Management

Basics of Money

Comparison Shopping
Earning Money
Making Spending Decisions
Protecting your Money
Saving & Investing
Spending Plans

Budgets & Money Goals

Art of Budgeting
Banking Services
Cars & Loans
Consumer Awareness
Credit Cards
Financing your Education
Kindness Counts: Charitable Giving
Living on your Own
Paying all bills on time

Protect Your Money

Maintain an Emergency Fund
Protect Credit Health
Protecting Your Identity (i.e., Fraud)

12. Societies

Applaud Genius in Our Midst

Exceptional IQ & Talent

Stamping Out Human Suffering

Food & Water Security
Health Care
Personal Freedom (i.e., Right to Vote)

Inhabiting Our World

Civilizations (i.e., Indigenous, Conquests)
Cultures & Ethnicity
Economic Health
Religion in the World
Redefining Work
Societal Shifts (i.e., Rural / Urban Changes)

Tackling School Issues

Bullying / Cyberbullying
Conflict Resolution
School Violence
Student / School Governance

Uncovering Social Issues

Child Labor & Exploitation
Digital Divide
Energy Sourcing (i.e., Coal Seam Gas Extraction)
Gender Issues
Global Inequity
Government Mandates
Gun Control
Privacy Rights

Valuing Ancestry

Ancestry & Health
Discovering Family Ties
Privacy Issues in Genetic Testing
Societal Implications of Genetics

13. Space Exploration

Exploring Earth from Space

Satellites Watching Earth

Life in Space

Experiments, Research & Technology
Humans in Space
International Space Station / Living in Space
Life Beyond Earth
Science Fact or Fiction?

Space & Time Journeys

Beyond our Solar System
Commercial Space
Early Discovery
Our Solar System
Planetary Explorations
Rockets, Space Shuttles & Spaceships
Quantum Physics
Tools of Exploration (Incl. Satellites, Rovers)

14. STEM Research & Applications

Computers Today & Tomorrow

Age of Artificial Intelligence
Being Hacked
Cloud Computing
Tech Literacy in the World
Ubiquitous Smart Devices
Uncovering the Past

Engineering Our World

Macro & Micro Machines (i.e., Big – Oil Rigs to Tiny – Bloodstream Robots)
STEM at Your Job
STEM All Around Us
The Physics of Fun (Incl. Skateboarding, Surfing)

15. Travel & Tourism

Innovation within Travel

Addressing Health Challenges
Developing a Tourism Vision
Innovation in the Industry (Incl. Air BNB, Condo Yachts)
Internet of Things
Personalized Customer Experiences
Travel as Authentic Experience (incl. connecting with the people and culture, volunteerism)

Obstacles within Travel

Competition of Staycations (Incl. due to poor airline & other service and stress of travel)
Finding & Retaining Talent
Local Opposition to “Over-tourism”
Truth in Advertising

Safety within Travel

Aging/Inadequate Infrastructure
Political Instability
Spread of Terrorism
Visa Restrictions

16. Workforce

Reshaping the Workforce

Aging Workforce
Ethnicity (Incl. Multicultural & Multilingual)
Multiple Careers (Post Retirement)
Recruitment & Sourcing (Incl. STEM Shortage)
Skill Shift (i.e., Manual to Tech Savvy)
Technology Impact (Incl. Job Displacement)
Workers’ Rights (Incl. Labor Unions)


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