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The Women of U.S. Manufacturing (NIST)
Women in Manufacturing Video (NIST)
Women in Manufacturing: Stepping up to make an Impact that Matters (Deloitte)
Women in Manufacturing (U.S. Census)
Celebrate Manufacturing Day in October (NIST)
Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)
Cybersecurity for Manufacturers (NIST)
Manufacturer’s Guide to Cybersecurity (NIST)
5 Ways to Increase the Number of Women in the Manufacturing Industry (Machine Design)


“Modern manufacturing is undergoing a fundamental transformation; a new fourth industrial revolution. Rapid technological advances and the convergence of physical and digital manufacturing are helping change the way manufacturers operate and raising the bar for required employee skill sets.” – Deloitte.

At the same time, the U.S. manufacturing industry is reporting an estimated two-million worker shortfall over the next decade. One critical element to assist in closing that gap is the participation of women.

We live in an exciting time, when women can stand beside or lead men in all industries, including manufacturing. Women in leadership roles set an example. They demonstrate to to other women the possibility of upward leadership, growth, motivation and drive. There is a need for more women in STEM – get excited and check it out!

But all students are needed! Join groups from around the nation who gather on the first Friday of October for Manufacturing Day (MFG Day).  Organize your own MFG Day, learn about the exciting careers available, including the important role that cybersecurity plays, and spread the word!


Women in Manufacturing

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The Women of U.S. Manufacturing

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women — while also marking a call to action for accelerating gender equality. To recognize this year’s campaign of Each for Equal, the MEP National NetworkTM is releasing a new video focusing on the importance of and impactful work being done by women in the manufacturing industry.

In today’s manufacturing world, women play a much larger role than they have in the past. Whether they are creative, analytical or process-oriented, there is a place in manufacturing for women. From leadership in the front office to machine operators on the shop floor, women of all ages are changing the stereotypes and face of manufacturing. Manufacturers need diversity among their workforce as they develop future technologies and women are a force to be reckoned with, offering some of the most brilliant minds in manufacturing today. Manufacturing is a safe, clean, high tech environment with opportunities for everybody. It’s an exciting time to be a woman in manufacturing.


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Women in Manufacturing: Stepping up to make an Impact that Matters

Women in manufacturing are seeing positive changes in the industry’s attitude towards recruiting, retaining, and advancing women over the last five years, but we are not done yet. Explore the role of manufacturing firms and industry ambassadors in fostering a community of women in manufacturing.


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Women in Manufacturing

Although women make up nearly half of the working population (47.5 percent), they remain underrepresented in the manufacturing industry. Women make up nearly one-third of the manufacturing industry workforce in the United States, playing roles ranging from working on the production line to running their own manufacturing businesses.

Pursuing a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education may help prepare the future generation of manufacturing workers. Although women, especially younger women, have gained relative to their male counterparts in college completion, they are less likely to earn degrees related to STEM. Increasing the number of women who receive STEM related college degrees may help prepare women for careers in the manufacturing industries.


Get Excited – Organize your own MFG Day!

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Celebrate Manufacturing Day in October

Manufacturing Day is an opportunity for manufacturers to highlight their work and their workers and to energize a future pipeline of skilled workers. An annual event that occurs on the first Friday of October, MFG Day is an occasion during which manufacturers open their doors to showcase the potential of modern manufacturing and foster interest in manufacturing careers.

Visit the Official MFG Day website to sign up for updates, register an event and download banner ads. Organize the event at your school, excite your fellow students about manufacturing and let’s get those 2 million jobs filled!


Explore Public / Private Opportunities

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Manufacturing Extension Partnership

The MEP National Network™ is a unique public-private partnership that delivers comprehensive, proven solutions to U.S. manufacturers, fueling growth and advancing U.S. manufacturing.

Focused on helping small and medium-sized manufacturers generate business results and thrive in today’s technology-driven economy, the MEP National Network comprises the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP), 51 MEP Centers located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and its more than 1,400 trusted advisors and experts at approximately 375 MEP service locations, providing any U.S. manufacturer with access to resources they need to succeed.


Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

Cybersecurity for Manufacturers

Small Manufacturers are big targets of cyber attacks. Cyber criminals seek information including employee and customer records, banking and financial data, and access to larger networks. Small manufacturers are often seen as an easy entry point into larger businesses and government agencies. With limited resources and budgets, small manufacturers need cybersecurity guidance, solutions, and training that is practical, actionable, cost-effective and helps manage their cybersecurity risks.



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Manufacturer’s Guide to Cybersecurity

NIST is the National Institute of Standards and Technology at the U.S. Department of Commerce. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework helps businesses of all sizes better understand, manage, and reduce their cybersecurity risk and protect their networks and data. The Framework is voluntary. It gives your business an outline of best practices to help you decide where to focus your time and money for cybersecurity protection.

Learn how to put the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to work in any business in these five areas: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.

Working through the MEP National Network™  NIST has combined its cybersecurity expertise with the needs of the manufacturing industry to create the Manufacturer’s Guide to Cybersecurity for small and medium sized manufacturers.


Career Development

5 Ways to Increase the Number of Women in the Manufacturing Industry

A female owner of a manufacturing business observes that students can be fascinated by the opportunities in manufacturing, but they need the support of counselors, parents and educational staff in order to consider this industry in making their future plans. Pamela Kan reviews the degrees and education that prepare students for a career in this industry.


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