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COVID-19 Situation Summary

CDC is responding to a pandemic of respiratory disease spreading from person-to-person caused by a novel (new) coronavirus. The disease has been named “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbreviated “COVID-19”). This situation poses a serious public health risk. The federal government is working closely with state, local, tribal, and territorial partners, as well as public health partners, to respond to this situation. COVID-19 can cause mild to severe illness; most severe illness occurs in older adults.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – How to Protect Yourself

A novel coronavirus is a new coronavirus that has not been previously identified. The virus causing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), is not the same as the coronaviruses that commonly circulate among humans and cause mild illness, like the common cold. On February 11, 2020 the World Health Organization announced an official name for the disease that is causing the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak, first identified in Wuhan China. The new name of this disease is coronavirus disease 2019, abbreviated as COVID-19. In COVID-19, ‘CO’ stands for ‘corona,’ ‘VI’ for ‘virus,’ and ‘D’ for disease.

Pandemic Influenza

An influenza pandemic is a global outbreak of a new influenza A virus. Pandemics happen when new (novel) influenza A viruses emerge which are able to infect people easily and spread from person to person in an efficient and sustained way. The United States is NOT currently experiencing an influenza pandemic.

Influenza Planning and Response

Influenza poses one of the world’s greatest infectious disease challenges. CDC programs protect the United States from seasonal influenza, as well as pandemic influenza which occurs when a new flu virus emerges that can infect people and spread globally.

MERS-CoV Photos

Coronaviruses derive their name from the fact that under electron microscopic examination, each virion is surrounded by a “corona,” or halo.


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New Images of Coronavirus 19

NIAID’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) in Hamilton, Montana, produced images of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, previously known as 2019-nCoV) on its scanning and transmission electron microscopes on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020. SARS-CoV-2 causes COVID-19 disease, which has grown to be a global public health emergency since cases were first detected in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.



Defense Production Act & Pandemic Response

The Act requires companies to prioritize government orders and contracts that are necessary to meet the response efforts associated with the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Authorities can also be used to provide financial incentives and assistance to private industry to expand production and capacity for necessary supplies and resources.  Four Defense Production Act authorities could be important tools in ongoing efforts to combat the threat of the coronavirus.


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CoVID19 What Scientists Do and Don’t Know About Treating COVID-19

Medical Studies on Covid-19 are being released at a breakneck pace, often generating confusion over simple matters such as which pain relievers to take, or how to care for sick family members at home.

For guidance, National Geographic turned to leading physicians and researchers across the U.S. and Canada for their recommendations on in-home care, as well as when to seek medical attention.



COVID 19 —  Everything Will Be Alright — Children Art from Italy

Recognizing art is a powerful tool for kids to express emotions, USO Naples in Italy joined in a country-wide, morale-boosting campaign. They created, and encouraged children on base to create and display, posters with the Italian phrase “andrà tutto bene,”which translates to “everything will be alright.”

Activity — Try Blow Painting Germs & Viruses Through Straws

  1. Place paint drops on paper. Use dropper to transfer one or more droplets of liquid watercolor paint to the paper.
  2. Blow the paint through the straw, moving the paint along the paper in tny rivulets.
  3. Repeat.


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What Coronavirus Could Mean for the Global Economy

Business leaders are asking whether the market downturn actually signals a recession and, if so, how bad a COVID 19 recession might be.

The Interconnected Economy

The impact of a pandemic is not limited to illness and death but the economic devastation that it can cause. With millions of people in a virtual lockdown, shops and restaurants closed, travel slows and soon other industries are affected.

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