Role of Oceans in Climate & Weather

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National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

What Role Does the Ocean Play in the Weather?

The ocean plays an important role in shaping our climate and weather patterns.

Warm ocean waters provide the energy to fuel storm systems that provide fresh water vital to all living things. Understanding and predicting precipitation is critical to farmers who decide which crops to plant, and how deep, based in part on soil moisture levels.

Like precipitation, extreme heat and cold also affect livestock management.

How Does the Ocean Affect Climate and Weather on Land?

The ocean influences weather and climate by storing solar radiation, distributing heat and moisture around the globe, and driving weather systems.


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Climate Variability

The ocean is a significant influence on Earth’s weather and climate. The ocean covers 70% of the global surface. This great reservoir continuously exchanges heat, moisture, and carbon with the atmosphere, driving our weather patterns and influencing the slow, subtle changes in our climate.

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